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Education and Asia

Runckel & Associates works extensively in Vietnam and throughout Asia in linking U.S. and Asian education and in supporting U.S. educational institutions in terms of their Asian programs.  >>> Read more.....


As New Age of Growth for Nuclear Technology Opens: Asia starts to study the benefits of Scaling Down

Forbes Magazine's "Companies to Watch" column cited a U.S., Oregon-based company, NuScale Power, Inc., as a company to watch.  NuScale’s new technology aims to make "a scaled-down light water nuclear reactor designed to be more affordable, safer and scalable for small, limited or growing energy markets". >>> Read more....


Traditional Medicine With a More Scientific Basis

Traditional Medicine With a More Scientific Basis
Continues To Prosper in Vietnam 

Traditional Medicine has a long and honored history in Vietnam (please see our earlier article on this subject).  This has long fascinated me since my service in Vietnam in the 1960s and my return to Vietnam in 1992 as US Special Negotiator to Vietnam.  Recently I returned to Vietnam to update my knowledge on this issue. >> Read more

The Future of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine

In 2010, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine is at a crossroads and there is much change going on in many aspects of the industry.  Key in helping to lead and direct this change again is Nguyen Van Be and his joint stock company Mephydica.  >>> Read more....



Wine Industry in China

hina may not be the first country you think about when you think about wine consumption or production but this is fast changing along with so much else in China.  Read more...>>>

A Growing Harvest: 
The Rise of Vineyards and Wine Making in Southeast Asia

Wine growing and wine consumption are increasingly interesting subjects of conversation and discussion throughout SE Asia and elsewhere.  Despite the discussion, these talks oftentimes lack knowledge on the local wine industry  >>> Read more.. 

Biotechnology in Asia

LMU EMBA program in a Highly Challenging visit focused on
Biotechnology in India, China and Thailand

>>> Read more....


Health Management

International Network Aimed to Boost Global Collaboration
in Health Innovation and Management

University of Leeds Center for Innovation in Health Management
Hosts First World Network Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand >>> Read more.....

Leeds University and University of Notre Dame
Nation Public Health Visit to Vietnam focused on Innovation

>>