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Laos is a largely mountainous country located in upper Southeast Asia.  It borders Thailand to the west, Cambodia to the south, Vietnam to the East and China to the north. Area of border countries are Burma (235 km), Cambodia (541 km), China (423 km), Thailand (1,754 km), Vietnam (2,130 km).

Total Area: 236,800 km² (91,429 sq mi)
Capital: Vientiane
Government: Socialist Republic
Official languages: Lao

  Exports - partners:
  Thailand 29.4%
  Vietnam 12.5%
  France 6%
  Germany 4.5%
  Inflation Rate:(%)
  Imports - partners:
  Thailand 66.8%
  China 9.1%
  Vietnam 5.8%

  Labor Force by Occupation:
  agriculture: 80%
  industry and   services: 20%
  GDP growth by sector (%)

  landlocked; most of the   country is mountainous   and thickly forested; the   Mekong River forms a large   part of the western   boundary with Thailand

  6,521,998 (July 2007 est.)

  GDP (purchasing power   parity):
  $13.63 billion (2006 est.)

  GDP - real growth rate:
  7.4% (2006 est.)

  GDP - per capita (PPP):
  $2,100 (2006 est.)

  Inflation rate (consumer   prices):
  6.8% (2006 est.)

  Agriculture Products:
  sweet potatoes,   vegetables, corn, coffee,   sugarcane, tobacco, cotton,   tea, peanuts, rice; water   buffalo, pigs, cattle, poultry

  $982.2 million (2006 est.)

  Exports - commodities:
  garments, wood products,   coffee, electricity, tin

  $1.376 billion f.o.b. (2006   est.)

  Imports - commodities:
  machinery and equipment,   vehicles, fuel, consumer   goods

  Tourist arrivals Number in Thousands:
  Sources: Lao National Tourism Administration

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